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Patients deserve the best. That's why, when we set out to make a clinic for medical marijuana recommendations, we put patients first.

NO RISK: If you don't qualify, your visit is completely free.

PRIVATE: Your information is kept 100% private and kept confidential. Your information will never be disclosed with any other agency without your explicit consent, and nothing will ever be mailed to your home. No one will know you have a medical recommendation except our clinic.

USABILITY:Your recommendation is valid anywhere and everywhere in the state of California, as well as Arizona, Montana and Michigan (they have "reciprocity" laws that allow out-of-state patients with valid recommendations to use in-state dispensaries). A dispensary or law enforcement agent can verify your recommendation online and by phone 24/7, 365 days a year.

GREAT CARE: Our doctors are compassionate, well-qualified, and care about our patients.

TIMELY: We know you have a busy life, so when you see the doctor, they'll make sure to get you back to your schedule.

LOW PRICES: We have competitive pricing that is kept low through streamlining experiences for our patients, so you always get the best deal.

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